One comment on “London Olympics, not live stream friendly?

  1. There is certain legal factors for allowing coverage in other countries, these are the same reasons why websites in the USA like HBO etc. do not allow anyone from the US to watch videos on there sites.

    The BBCs website has live feeds of all events with real time live data, the site also has the ability to rewind these live streams, all events are available to view at any point, also there is TV channels dedicated to the olympics on Freeview and Sky which has around 20 extra channels all covered by the BBC.

    YouTube could have been used but the full coverage should be covered by each countries broadcasters who have access to all media streams as part of there media package, also you do not see any other events covered on YouTube, events like the World Cup, Major boxing events in the USA, Wresting, NFL, NBA, all have there own dedicated websites and channels which these events can be watched and most of which do not use YouTube, therefore these events at most can not be viewed outside the USA.

    As for the embrace of Social Media there is several Twitter and Facebook pages for the Olympics, although this is something that should be covered by each individual countries media to keep these tweets current, #TeamGB of which keeps followers fully up to date with all events.

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